Dates available: May 22 - May 26

Mary's Wedding - May 22

May 22

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Mary’s Wedding - May 23

May 23

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Mary's Wedding - May 24

May 24

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Mary's Wedding - May 25

May 25

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Mary's Wedding - May 26

May 26

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On Tour to schools - The STAGES Festival comes to you!

Dates Available:

May 22, May 23, May 24, May 25, May 26

SHOW Price: $650/performance        Capacity: Max 300 students/performance

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Mary’s Wedding
By Stephen Massicotte

Single Thread presents one of Canada’s most successful plays, Mary’s Wedding by Stephen Massicotte.. When Charlie meets Mary in 1914 a tentative love blooms but then WWI starts. In a dream, the night before her wedding, Mary remembers their romance and the war through Charlie’s letters to her from the front. In this new production geared towards high school and junior high students, Single Thread will work with students at each school to create the soundscape of the show using their own voices and everyday objects. The students will then join the actors, surrounding the audience and creating the sounds of the rain, the thunder, and the battles of WWI.

"[Single Thread] developed a unique, imaginative and engaging theatrical production...The AGO was delighted with the impact of the company’s performances and for the first time realized how fully theatre could make works of art come alive."

- David Wistow, Interpretative Planner, Art Gallery of Ontario

"Produced by Single Thread...The Loyalists ought to be considered a major success for the company. Not only does it build on a record of site-specific works around Toronto, The Loyalists comes as close as I’ve ever seen to fully immersing the audience into the plot; driving the show forward."

- Adam Collier, Mooney on Theatre

"My favourite...was [Single Thread's] Ambrose, a personal journey through nooks and crannies inside and outside the Grand Theatre...with a series of vignettes all revolving around the theatre magnate Ambrose Small, who disappeared mysteriously in 1919. In this theatre adventure, the audience was taken one at a time through one of two tracks of stories...Could you ask for more in an interactive theatrical production?"

-John Geddes, The Kingston Whig-Standard

Touring school show at various locations

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